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The Benefits of Traveling to a New Destination (rather than one where you’ve already been)


Why you should tour a new destination

You don’t have to go overseas to feel more exotic. You can get a lot out of a new place in a very short time. All you need to do is to fill your tour with new, varied experiences. Time will literally fly if you’re on a new holiday destination and having fun. Selecting a new touring destination will definitely be more memorable. You’ll also have more to experience than visiting the same place over and over again.

Mental benefits of touring a new location

The human brain our brain needs new vacations. The mind gets a lot from the experience of staying in a place for a short time. You get to learn new, diverse activities. To really experience what life has to offer, one needs to be open to experience different cultures, and embrace involvement. This is the opportunity to learn new languages, and adapt to an alternate way of life.

Traveling Without a Plan

Most tourists like to plan months ahead before travelling to a destination. Using tools like Google Maps and travel guidebooks to plan their itinerary. Planning for a future trip is a time consuming venture, and most of the time the tour usually doesn’t go as planned, despite the thorough planning. At times however, travelling to a new destination without making plans is just the experience you need. The exciting unknown possibilities waiting for you unravel them. Being spontaneous is a habit that we all need to embrace in our lives. This is one of the ways that you can experience a great tour in a new destination and learn a lot of new things.

Reasons why Traveling without a Plan is best

Freedom of Choice

Planning a tour can be pretty overwhelming, and restricting to your free spirit. Travelling to a new destination without making plans helps you find the right balance for your personality. It enables you to expand your comfort zone and enjoy new experiences. You will be able to see new things that most guides forget to tell you about. Being new to the place, wandering aimlessly may seem difficult and terrifying at first. But, the experience of stumbling upon things and places that you never would have outweighs the fear.

The Stranger’s Secrets

Talking to strangers in a totally new location does not always end up badly like most people want you to believe, especially if you are a grown up. Talking to strangers can produce ecstatic surprises! This is also one of the best techniques that you can use to understand and appreciate the culture of the people in your destination. Using conversation openers like this simple example i.e. “Can you take a picture for me?” you’ll be able to start a conversation before you know it. You’ll get the opportunity to acquire new recommendations for local cafés and eateries that are not found in the guidebook

Growing Through Past Failures

Use this opportunity as your own personal portal to outdoor discovery. Use your mistakes as a channel to build your own personality.Use the opportunity to learn more efficient ways to prepare for future tours. This way you’ll be able to figure out how to make it all work.

Tales to be told

This is the best part about the people who don’t make planned tours. They have so many stories to tell about the places that they visit. Planned trips are usually pale in comparison to the ones you make on the fly. Instead of surprising others, why not surprise yourself? Take an unplanned adventure and see where it takes you?