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10 Things to Do on Your Trip to Southeast Asia


Southeast Asia has to be one of the most popular tourist destinations at the moment. There’s an endless array of delightful and addictive beaches, mountains, ancient temples, rivers, world heritage sites, rice paddies, vast cosmopolitan cities and petite ethnic villages.
The diversity in Southeast Asia is worth experiencing. Here are some of the most interesting things that you can do when you visit this gorgeous destination.

10. Explore Kratie, Cambodia to get a view of the rare Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins

Take a trip to Kratie, north of Siem Reap to get a glimpse of the rural Cambodian life. You’ll also get a chance to see some of the rarest freshwater dolphins in the world. There’s a small boat company which will take you out to the remote parts of the Mekong. You’ll get to relax on the tiny deck and observe the hypnotic river where these fascinating dolphins reside

9. Take a balloon ride over Bagan, Myanmar

To really get a grasp of how enormous the Buddhist monasteries at Bagan are, get a bird’s eye view from a balloon ride. View the stupas and temples scattered over the plains on the Irrawaddy River. You’ll find the spectacle to be extraordinary

8. Relax in Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands

One of the best relaxation spots in Southeast Asia has to be on Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands. It’s a tiny archipelago made up of two islands, Kecil an Besar. Enjoy activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and diving or just chill and do absolutely nothing.

7. Experience Javanese culture in Yogyakarta, Java

The Javanese culture blooms here. In this beautiful location, you’ll get to hear gamelan orchestras, sample delicious Javanese dishes and even pick up beautiful batik prints. Fascinating archaeological sites of Prambanam and Borobudur are also located here.

6. Visit Laos to see the mysterious Plain of Jars

You’ll see some gigantic jars here, some reaching heights of up to 3 metres high. These jars are scattered across Xiangkhoang Plateau on northeastern part of Laos. Start your exploration from the hub town of Phonsavan.

5. Go sea-kayaking in the Andaman Sea, Thailand

Enjoy exploring the limestone karsts of southern Thailand. As you paddle past the immaculate beaches and tropical mangroves you’ll relish the exquisiteness as you enter into the quiet lagoons. You may get a chance to see the macaque monkeys playing around.

4. Cruise the famous Mekong Delta, Vietnam

This destination was nicknamed after the Vietnamese rice bowl. It is carpeted in a vertiginous miscellany of greens; a truly inimitable water world shifting to the rhythms of Mekong. Here you’ll see houses, markets, and boats floating on the numerous canals, streams, and rivers traversing the landscape like arteries.

3. Go to Philippines for a dive at Tubbataha

This is the best place to go for a dive in Southeast Asia. The celebrated dive sport is jam-packed with bewildering underwater sights.

2. See the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you happen to be in Southeast Asia in November make sure that you don’t miss this magical festival extravaganza.

1. Swim in the Kouang Si waterfall near Louang Phabang, Laos

Taking a day trip to this fascinating waterfall from Louang Phabang will be worth your time. Make sure that you bring a camera so that you take some of the memories with you as you leave. The Si waterfall is breathtaking; there’s a series of turquoise pools beneath a forest area of concealed falls and miniature streams. It’ll be easy and more convenient if you just hire a tuk tuk driver for the entire day from the town. Also, buy food from the vendors by the roadside as you head up to the falls. There are several picnic areas nearby the lower, more accessible, pools. However, if you decide to be more adventurous try hiking off the paths slightly to discover your own hidden pools or waterfalls. Enjoy spending your day as you jump off waterfalls and swim in the stunning Laos countryside.