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15 Travel Destinations to Explore in Retirement


Retirement is one of the most exciting life for many people now. When you have worked your entire life and you finally want to spend that money traveling and experiencing new things, it’s important to know where you want to go and what you want to do. Well, we’re here to save your time, so that you don’t have to start researching and trying to see what’s best for you. Here is a list of the following places that you can travel and explore when you retire.

1. Italy

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We’re going to start this list with the beautiful and charming Italy. Since Italy is known worldwide for having food that is beyond delicious, it’s a great start to your journey when you retire. We decided to only concentrate on Sicily for this list. The spectacular outdoor markets, the breathtaking cathedrals, and the Sicilian wine, every single penny will be a penny well-spent.

2. Australia

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Australia is a very exciting country to visit and there is so much to do. You can start from Sydney, where you have to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a place that is synonymous with Australia.  Another fascinating place where you should add to the bucket list while visiting Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. However, this is not everything you can do in Australia, remember that it’s land of the kangaroos, koalas, fur seals, and penguins.

3. Albania

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This tiny country, located in the western Balkans, is a beauty waiting to be uncovered. The capital Tirana is a city that is constantly changing, and you can see the old remnants of the communist regime being mixed with the newer style of buildings. The real beauty lies in the south of Albania, where cities like Saranda and Vlora will make you fall in love with the Albanian coastline. The best part of the Albanian Riviera is the cheap food and accommodation that you will find over there.