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15 Most Isolated Places in the World


Humanity has been exploring planet earth for tens of thousands of years, moving from one continent to another. In the past century, we have managed to go even to the most remote areas of our planet and in the process even settle in some of those places. Life is quite hard in some of these places since they are very far from civilization, but that doesn’t stop people from living there. Here is a list of the 15 most isolated places in the world.

1. Oymyakon, Russia

Source: pinterest.cl

We’re starting with the freezing land of Oymyakon, where the temperatures drop to -58 degrees Celsius. As if that’s not enough bad news, the closest sign of civilization is hours away. Yet, 500 people live in this cold and remote village, where at times they don’t have sun for up to 21 hours a day. Traveling to Oymyakon by car can be very dangerous and it is not preferred to drive there alone.